Baby Headbands

Why choose our baby headbands?

Fabulously soft and stretchy, our baby headbands are guaranteed to stay put on your baby's head. Our baby bow collections are made from only the highest-grade nylon to create the finest baby hair bands available. Even better, they are suitable for newborn babies and up!

Baby headbands give your baby a style and chic of their own, while also making it easier for people to tell the gender of your child. Since babies usually have little to no hair, a sweet little headband is a great way to shout from the rooftops, “I have a girl!”. If your baby is lucky to have plenty of hair, then our baby bow headbands along with our baby hair clips are a great way to keep hair out of your little one’s eyes.

From what age can my baby wear a headband?

 All our bows are suitable for newborn babies and up. There is no reason that your baby cannot wear one as soon as they’re born. Our range of top knot nylon bows and skinny nylon bows are so super soft and comfy. We choose the material of our baby headbands with a newborn baby in mind so that is always suitable for precious little heads. Not only will our bows be super cosy against your baby’s head, but the soft material will also stretch comfortably as she grows into childhood.

How do I fix a headband properly on my baby’s head?

 The band of the headband should be placed behind your baby’s ears, and the bow should be placed close to their forehead. Personally, with our range of top knot headbands the look we love is when the headband covers the baby's ears and the bow is placed at the front or side of the head. This frames your baby's face in the most adorable way! But it is entirely up to you how you choose to wear the top knot headband.

What our customers say about our baby headbands

 “Best bows ever! Soft and stretchy and the most perfect fabric!”

“All newborn babies are gorgeous, but then you put a Pretty Baby headband on them and it’s a complete heart melt!”

“Obsessed with your bows…slowly trying to collect them all!”

23 products

23 products