5 Stylish and Functional Accessories for Mum and Baby's Days Out

There’s nothing better than heading out for the day, baby in tow, to get some fresh air, visit friends and take in the sights. As any parent knows, being out of the house for any length of time means you’re going to need some essentials close by to make the trip that little bit smoother. But that doesn’t mean your accessories can’t look great while also being practical – here’s our list of stylish and functional accessories to take with you on your next mummy and baby day out. 

Tote Bag

Consolidate your own essentials and those of your baby into a nappy bag that doubles as your own handbag, serving as a practical way to carry everything you need without juggling multiple bags throughout the day. 

There are various stylish all-purpose nappy bags on the market which are discreet and fashionable, while still providing plenty of pockets and storage compartments so you don’t have to compromise. 

Baby Headbands

Baby headbands are an adorable way to dress up any of your little one’s outfits, jazzing up a simpler ensemble for a special occasion or simply to add a pretty touch to their day-to-day clothes. Made from the softest material and in a range of bold colours, they can be used as a contrast to a plainer outfit or even matched with your own accessories. 

At Pretty Baby, our soft and stretchy, baby headbands are guaranteed to stay put on your baby's head when you’re out and about. Our baby bow collections are made from only the highest-grade nylon to create the finest baby hair bands available. Even better, they are suitable for newborn babies and up!

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Since baby’s tend not to have a lot of hair, a headband is the ideal way to let others know you have a little girl, but if they do have a lot of hair or your child is a bit older, it will keep it pushed back away from their face to keep them comfortable on warmer days. 

Washable Storage Bags

From snacks and wipes to make-up and nappy cream, washable and reusable storage bags are a convenient and stylish way to keep wet or potentially messy items organised. 

You will be able to find what you’re looking for easily, as everything will be stored away in its own bag, without the worry that it’s going to leak all over you and your baby. And if anything does leak, you can simply throw the bag in the washing machine and reuse it again and again. 

Patterned Muslins

Muslins serve a multitude of uses for you and your baby. You can use them for sensory purposes to keep your baby entertained, use them to play peekaboo with your baby or drape them over their pram to keep the sun out of their face. 

But they can also be used for spillages, as a breastfeeding cover for you when you’re feeding them or attach them to the car window for shade. Muslins come in a range of beautiful colours and patterns to complement your accessories, and to add visual stimulation for your baby. 

Wrap Sling

Don’t feel like taking the pram? A wrap sling is a wonderful way to carry your baby, while also adding a stylish touch. Available in various colours and fabrics to suit your taste, they also enable you to keep your baby close and are great for enhancing that special mother-baby bond. From newborns through to the 9-month mark, wraps are a comfortable way to carry your child throughout the day. 

From outfit accessories to keep your baby comfy to stylish ways to carry them when you’re out and about, these functional items are a must.